TEDAC® Coating is an innovative, cost-saving and protective coating that restores the colour and gloss of weathered and degraded surfaces and objects, but which also offers outstanding protection (against UV radiation and dirt, among other things) for new materials.

TEDAC® Coating is highly durable and cost saving, for one thing because 1 litre of TEDAC® Coating is able to treat many square metres of surfaces. Because of its long-term adhesive properties and long-term colour and gloss retention, the coating has to be applied far less often. Another significant advantage of TEDAC® Coating is that it can be applied quickly and cheaply, since you usually only need to apply the coating in a single layer. Furthermore, regular maintenance of a surface treated with TEDAC® Coating is easier!

TEDAC® Coating:

  • Restores colour to the treated surface.

  • Provides long-term protection, far longer than most other coatings.

  • Has an extremely high scratch resistance and above average chipping resistance.

  • Is dirt repellent.

  • Means that replacement of materials is needed less often.

  • Is simple to apply (in a single layer): clean, degrease, apply!

  • Does not require any sanding and eliminates the need to prime the surface first.

  • Dries quickly and can be processed for a long time (pot life, depending on the temperature, 2-6 hours).

  • Has a high capacity per litre of TEDAC® Coating (up from 12m² to 20m² depending on the surface to be treated).


TEDAC® Coating is available in Gloss and Semi Gloss. Specific TEDAC® products for processing and pretreatment with TEDAC® Coating have also been developed alongside TEDAC® Coating.