TEDAC® Coating saves costs, protects and provides gloss and colour.

Influences of the weather and fouling can cause discolouration, degradation and corrosion. These results speed up the ageing process of materials, which causes the surface to lose its shine. Cleaning, normal painting or polishing are generally only temporary solutions; replacement is a costly and not very sustainable solution. The challenge to find durable and effective protection for the problem of ageing and loss of shine in your objects or those of your clients has resulted in the development and production of TEDAC®Coating.


TEDAC® Coating is an innovative, cost-saving and durable protective coating that restores the colour and gloss of weathered and degraded surfaces and objects, but which also offers outstanding protection (against UV radiation and dirt, among other things) for new materials. TEDAC® Coating restores old materials to their original state and in many cases renders replacement unnecessary. New materials can be better protected and therefore last longer!

 Even the internationally-renowned testing agency TÜV Rheinland endorses the quality of TEDAC® Coating, on the basis of the tests it has performed.