TEDAC® Cleaner

It is very important that the surface to be coated is dry and free of all types of oils, film layers, grease, silicones and wax during treatment. The surface may not be cleaned using cleaning agents or solvents that may leave behind traces or a thin residue after cleaning. TEDAC® Coating applied to contaminated surfaces may not adhere sufficiently, thereby potentially disrupting its protective properties. If TEDAC® Coating is applied to surfaces on which residual cleaning agents have been left behind, the coating may also display white spots over time. Therefore, only use TEDAC ® Cleaner.



For new materials: use TEDAC® Mild Cleaner.

TEDAC® Normal Cleaner is used on all used materials, unless these are severely fouled.

For severe fouling (e.g. when cleaning yellowed Trespa or removing resins or tar) we recommend using our TEDAC® Extra Strong Cleaner.

TEDAC® Cleaner is available in 1, 5 and 25 litre containers. Extra Strong Cleaner alone is available in a large size of 20 litres instead of 25 litres.

If there is silicone on the surface to be treated, and this silicone cannot be removed using TEDAC® Normal Cleaner, the surface should be treated with a silicone remover.