• TEDAC® Coating is a durable and cost-saving coating that restores the original colour of weathered and degraded surfaces and thereby in many cases renders the replacement of materials unnecessary.

  • TEDAC® is a unique product that is resistant to UV radiation, effects of weather, chemicals, graffiti, corrosive salts and many other substances, thanks to its specific composition.

  • Because of its supremely flexible character, TEDAC® Coating is able to undergo fluctuations in temperature and contraction and expansion of materials without difficulty, without the coating splitting, cracking or flaking.

  • TEDAC® Coating is available in every desired level of gloss.

  • Treating with TEDAC® Coating results in a smooth surface, which reduces attraction of dirt, dust, mould and algae to a minimum.

  • The surface that has been treated with TEDAC® is easy to clean with water and a universal biologically degradable cleaning agent, thereby paying significant consideration to the environment.

  • TEDAC® Coating is extremely scratch resistant according to the specially developed ISO 1518 test carried out by TUV Rheinland.